Who Is 3 Guys Home Makeovers?

3 Guys Home Makeovers is a company that purchases homes in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and transforms them from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans.

The 3-Guys Home Makeovers team consists of three men that have worked together on construction projects for years.  We come from very different backgrounds including carpentry, heavy machinery operation, and business real estate.  Over the years we have worked on many large commercial projects and we decided to take our talents and experience to the home real estate market.

Like any other business, we intend to make a profit from our labor but we want to make a difference in the communities where we rehab homes.  We want every finished home to look like one that we would live in ourselves.  Most flippers will rehab a house to where it is acceptable, certainly better than it was, but just average for the neighborhood.  At 3-Guys Home Makeovers we want to bring the home up to new standards and sell for the highest price in the neighborhood. We intend to do this by the quality of materials we use as well as the proper construction methods.  Every finished home should be the pride of the neighborhood and increase the value of all the homes on the block.  We take pride in our workmanship and want every buyer to be happy with their purchase.

Our motto is to make everything better that we touch.  The neighborhoods will have an eyesore removed and replaced with a beautiful home.  The homeowners will have a like-new home for a bargain price and the government and the banks will have one less problem property to worry about.  Everyone will be better off when we leave the street.

For more information check out our website:



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