642 Regency Drive is done!

Come to our Open House this weekend

Saturday, October 27th & Sunday, October 28th

12 noon to 5 pm



See how the UGLY DUCKLING was transformed into a BEAUTIFUL SWAN!


Lots of before and after pictures!

Come see for yourself this weekend!  Bring your friends!

PRICE: $148,900
TYPE: Single Family Home
BATHROOMS: 2 Full, 1 Half

Bring your toothbrush! Spectacular completely renovated Plum Borough home. Some ads say a home is “like new”. This home is new! Almost everything has been replaced from the new design kitchen to the large “man cave” family room including a full bath with shower. You will love the new extra large driveway with one of a kind retaining wall. Fenced back yard with large patio and retractable awning. Must see home!!!!

Kitchen is 11-1/2 x 14
Living Room is 11 x 17
Master Bedroom is 12 x 12
Bedroom 2 is 16 x 15
Bedroom 3 is 11 x 15
Bedroom 4 is 9 x 11
Game Room is 23 x 21
2-1/2 Bathrooms
1-car Garage & 3-car Driveway
Garage is 14 x 23
Public Sewer & Water
Forced Air Gas Heat
Central Air Conditioning
Automatic Garage Door Opener
Appliances included:
Garbage Disposal

Retaining Wall
Front Porch & Roof
Game Room
Water Heater
All Bathrooms
Kitchen & Appliances
Back Patio
Doors & Trim
Laundry Hookup
Garage Door Opener
Yard & Shrubs
Outside Lights

For pictures:


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Regency Drive – Plum, PA – OPEN HOUSE COMING SOON!

3 Guys Homemakeovers will soon be having an open house to display their house on Regency Drive in Plum, Pennsylvania to interested home buyers.

3 Guys Homemakeovers has turned an ugly duckling into a swan.  Wouldn’t you love to make this YOUR home?

Check out the transformation here:

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With the current real estate market being the worst in years, many people find themselves “under water” in their own homes.  In other words, you owe more than your house is worth.  What steps you take depends largely on your desire to remain in the property as well as your general financial health.

In the real estate boom of the early 2000’s many people, myself included, were buying homes on speculation hoping that the prices would continue to rise double digits every year.  Well that dream is over and if you bought a home for speculation, especially in the so called hot markets, you probably have divested yourself of the property or the bank has done it for you.  So for this article, let us concentrate on those homeowners that bought a house as their primary residence.

The first step in avoiding any foreclosure is to contact your mortgage company.  In a lot of cases you will have a hard time finding out exactly who your lender is because the loans have been sold to third party investors or the government (Fanny Mae-etc.).   Start with the lending institution on your original documents (more about original documents later) and follow the trail.  It will take some perseverance but eventually you will get there.

Okay, so now you found your loan holder.  What do you do next?  Retaining an attorney is a good idea, but if you are close to foreclosure you probably don’t have the money to do that.  That makes you your own attorney.  The first step is to find the person that can re-negotiate your loan and ask if there are any programs that can help you remain in your house.  There are actually quite a few loan modification programs available today and you may qualify for one.  If you do and that makes your monthly payment doable, case closed, you win.  However in real life that is not often the case and you will need to proceed to step 2.

The next step may be just stop making all mortgage payments and wait until you get evicted.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but sometimes it can be two or more years before you are actually forced to leave your house.  Just before the sheriff takes your property you may want to play your last card (remember your original documents?).  You can force the lending institution to produce the original mortgage documents which they may have misplaced as the loan was sold multiple times.  This will greatly improve your negotiating position and can let you stay in the house for a few more months.  When you get to that point you might want to consider your final option, selling to a third party at a loss.

While the prospect of selling something at a loss doesn’t sound all that appetizing, it is inevitable in this situation.  You might want to contact a third party such as 3-Guys or other people that buy distressed properties.  I know you are thinking “how is this going to help me?”  The answer is in several ways.  First, you may not have the money to move.  In some cases we have persuaded the bank to front the moving expenses just to get the people out of the house.  In other cases we have helped move people after securing the property from the bank.  Moving under these conditions is always better than being evicted and it gives you some control over when you move.  Another advantage of taking this avenue is that your personal belongings and furniture won’t end up on the street or sold a sheriff’s sale.  I realize that this solution doesn’t seem great but sometimes it is the only one.

There is only one solution we haven’t covered:  WIN THE LOTTERY!!!!!

Are you in financial trouble and at risk of losing your home?  If you are in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area  3 Guys Home Makeovers may be interested in purchasing your home.  Give Lance a call at 412-398-2314 and discuss it with him.

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There are many reasons why some houses sell faster than others.  It may be as simple as location; some areas just sell faster because they are in high demand.  This is a problem you can’t fix.  Your house is where it is and you can’t move it.  Just because your neighborhood is not as desirable, it doesn’t mean your house won’t sell, it just may take longer.  Now that we have dealt with the neighborhood, let’s deal with some things that you do have control over.

Other than location there are two main reasons that houses don’t sell; price and condition, both of which you have complete control over.  I will address them separately.

  1. Price:  EVERYONE THINKS THEIR HOUSE IS WORTH MORE THAT IT IS.  Ultimately the buyer will determine the price.  If you overprice your house it will linger on the market with less showings and ultimately you will have to reduce the price.  Have your realtor do a competitive market analysis with comparables properties from no more than a two mile radius.  Take into account the condition of your house and then price it appropriately.  Make sure that you price it under the trigger price points such as $199,999 instead of $200,000.  This will bring your listing up in more searches.  Remember most house hunting today initially takes place on the internet. Another important consideration on your pricing is the monthly carrying cost of your house.  This is an important consideration because every month your house does not sell it is costing you money, most of which cannot be recouped.  The difference between a correctly priced house selling in 45 days and another incorrectly priced house selling in 180 days can be the difference of thousands of dollars in carrying costs.  If you wait 6 months to get your price you may actually get less net dollars.  Best advice here is to do your homework by finding a good realtor and then trust them.
  2. Condition, condition, condition:  Everyone has heard of the location, location, location adage, but the condition of your home can be just as important.  Pretend you are the buyer and take a realistic look at your house and try to make it as appealing as possible.  There are simple things that you can do, i.e. clean up the clutter, paint where needed, make sure the front yard and door are immaculate, get rid of the pet odor, take half the clothes out of the closets , make your bathrooms sparkle, and stay away from the house when it is being shown.  You may love Fido and purple walls but chances are your buyers won’t.  Ask your realtor for suggestions.  They show houses everyday and they hear all the comments.  Major renovations on the other hand rarely pay off in the short term.  A $50,000 kitchen remodel might make the house sell faster, but it is unlikely you will recoup all the money you put into it.

In summary, you can’t change the location of your house or what your neighbors are doing but you can control the price and condition of your home.  Choose your realtor wisely.  The good ones are worth the commission.  Finally, good luck and remember “there is a lid for every pot.”

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